Shajitha, P. P., N. R. Dhanesh, P. J. Ebin, Laly Joseph, Aneesha Devassy, Reshma John, Jomy Augustine, and Linu Mathew. Molecular phylogeny of Balsams (Genus Impatiens) based on ITS regions of nuclear ribosomal DNA implies two colonization events in South India, Journal of Applied Biology & Biotechnology Vol. 4 (06)( 001-009.),

P. P. Shajitha, N. R. Dhanesh, P. J. Ebin, Joseph Laly, Devassy Aneesha, John Reshma, Jomy Augustine & Mathew Linu A combined chloroplast atpB–rbcL and trnL-F phylogeny unveils the ancestry of balsams (Impatiens spp.) in the Western Ghats of India, 3 Biotech (6)(258 (1-5)),